Samuele Baro, originally from Osimo, is the creator behind all the culinary delights of the Seven restaurant. His talent was recognised immediately in his home town, and he continued his professional development seeking to combine haute cuisine and a healthy diet. Drawing on his experience in renowned and award-winning restaurants he created a menu of great character for the Seven Restaurant.

Samuele Baro has developed a creative cuisine, presented in the plate with vivid compositions rich in colour. The dish always exalts the main ingredient with simplicity, combining great attention to pairings and products prepared cold. And there is no lack of vegan culinary creations.

Samuele Baro


Research, simplicity and flavour.
These are the foundational values of our cuisine, which are expressed in distinct flavours and few ingredients in the dish, to bring out every nuance.

The idea of a weekly menu
to guarantee freshness and
genuine, healthy products.

Attention to detail, so that
eating is both an exciting journey
and a unique experience.

A focus on the plate's composition
is another characteristic of
the Seven Restaurant, essential
for satisfying all the senses
with aromas and colours

venerdì, sabato e domenica dalle ore 20 alle 24


Strada dei Censiti, 21 - 47891 Rovereta (Repubblica di San Marino) - Tel. +39 335 8490298 -
E-mail: - Privacy Policy - C.o.E. SM 21243

OPENING HOURS: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7pm to 10pm

Strada dei Censiti, 21 - 47891 Rovereta (Republic of San Marino) - Tel. +39 335 8490298 -
E-mail: - Privacy Policy - C.o.E. SM 21243